Student Lunch Payments

  • For your convenience you may pay for school meals online. Students may also pay for their meals in the cafeteria before school starts, during breakfast, or lunch. If payment is sent with the student, please place in an envelope marked with student’s full name, grade, and ID#. If paying with a check, the check must have a permanent printed name, address, phone number of the person writing the check and their driver’s license number on the check. If a check is returned from the bank, we will not be able to accept another check from that person until the returned check is taken care of.

Student Charges

  • Only Complete Meals Can Be Charged

    Students will be required to sign for charges, and at that time they will be informed of how much they owe. Once a student's meal balance is -$5.00, an email will be sent to the parent/guardian. When a student's meal balance is -$15, the parent/guardian will receive a phone call from the cafeteria manager. If a student's meal balance reaches -$25, the parent/guardian will receive a district letter and call from the school principal. If a parent/guardian would like to know their student's meal account balance, they can sign up for free on My School Bucks. The parent/guardian can check their student's meal account balance and make online payments.

    If the parent/guardian elects not to allow their student to charge, they can email the school cafe manager or the student nutrition office. Please provide the student's name, ID#, and name of the school the student attends.