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Professional Learning

  • RCISD believes that professional learning is fundamental to student learning and that we have an obligation to continually improve. The district provides clear expectations for professional growth and a multitude of high-quality growth opportunities. Teacher choice and personalized learning are at the forefront of our offerings. From our content area specialists to teacher and student-led professional development opportunities, we look for new and challenging ways to grow ourselves and others throughout the year. 

    Professional learning plans are guided by:

    • The needs of RCISD students
    • The professional needs of each teacher
    • The needs of the campus and district
    • Strategic Plan 2.0
    • Offerings support teacher growth and student success based on the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS)

    Professional learning in Royse City ISD is:

    • Personalized
    • Prioritized
    • Peer-developed and delivered
    • Aligned to the goals of the district, campus, and individual
    • Aligned to the LEAD Learner Profile

    Approaches to Professional Learning in Royse City ISD include:

    • Virtual Professional Learning and Collaboration
    • Face-to-Face Professional Learning and Collaboration
    • Professional Learning Communities
    • Instructional Design Coaching
    • Student-Centered Instructional Coaching
    • Content Area Coaching
    • Just in Time Learning with Colleagues
    • Google Certification and Training
    • Curriculum Design and Development
    • MobileMind Learning Hub for Learning on Demand

    Professional learning opportunities are scheduled throughout the school year and the summer months. The 2022-2023 schedule includes the following:

    • Summer Professional Learning Weeks
      • June 6th - 9th
      • July 18th - 21st
    • Teacher Leadership Grant Kick-Off July 26th - 27th
    • Texas Reading Academy July 26th - 28th
    • New Teacher Orientation August 1-4
    • District-wide Back to School Learning:
      • Secondary Succeed Summit August 11th
      • Elementary Succeed Summit August 12th 
    • District-wide Learning Days
      • October 11th
      • January 6th
      • February 20th
      • March 3rd


    ‘It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.’
    –Albert Einstein

    ‘Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.’
    –William Butler Yeats 

Professional Development Info

  • Administrator PD

  • Counselor PD

  • Distinguished PD Levels

  • New Teacher PD

  • PD Initiatives

  • PD Plan

  • Technology Integration Coaches

  • Testing Coordinators

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