• Hours

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the RCISD Library Media Services Department is to facilitate student growth through a learner-centered culture. We will empower students to:

    Learn how to access digital and print media resources; 

    Excel in reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking;

    Advocate for self and others;

    Discover their passions through exploring, collaborating and creating


    Library Hours:

    School Hours



      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  
    7:30 AM            
    First 7:45AM Teeters O'Neil Neaville/Smart Mireles Reitz  
    8:00 AM Teeters O'Neal Neaville/Smart Mireles Reitz  
    8:15 AM Turner Malhiot Lee   2nd Grade  
    8:30 AM   Malhiot Lee   Rotation  
    Kinder 8:45AM Wineinger Moss Dean Vieda (ABC)  
    9:00 AM Wineinger Moss Dean Vieda Martinez  
    9:15 AM Curry       Fourth Grade  
    9:30 AM       Hutcheson Rotation  
    9:45 AM       Hutcheson (ABC)  
    2nd 10:00 AM   Holm Walker Vaughan    
    10:15 AM   Jayroe Drabble Robertson First Grade  
    10:30 AM   Jayroe Drabble Robertson Rotation  
    10:45 AM Lunch Duty Lunch Duty Lunch Duty Lunch Duty (ABC)  
    11:00 AM Lunch Duty Lunch Duty Lunch Duty Lunch Duty Lunch Duty  
    11:15 AM Lunch Duty Lunch Duty Lunch Duty Lunch Duty Lunch Duty  
    11:30 AM Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Duty  
    11:45 AM Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Duty  
    12:00 PM Planning/ Planning/ Planning/ Planning/ Planning/  
    12:15 PM Administrative/ Administrative/ Administrative Administrative/ Administrative/  
    12:30 PM Shelving Shelving Shelving Shelving Shelving  
    12:45 PM     Roberts   Martinez  
    3rd 1:00PM Turner Holm Roberts Vaughan Martinez  
    1:15 PM Help out Kinder Help out Help out Help out Kinder  
    1:30 PM   Kinder Kinder Kinder Rotation  
    1:45 PM Hutcheson Rotation C Rotation C Rotation C (ABC)  
    4th 2:00PM Hutcheson   Walker      
    2:15 PM Byrne   Bookout   3rd  
    2:30 PM Byrne   Bookout Farfan Rotation  
    2:45 PM         (ABC)  
    3:00 PM            



    Books are due at the next library period, which is usually one week.  Books may be renewed upon request.


    Lost/Damaged Books

    Lost or books that are damaged beyond repair, must be paid for before checking out a new book.

    Please see Ms. Crowell for details



    Donations are appreciated and will be used in the library, EDP, or in classrooms