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Growth & Planning

  • Royse City ISD is considered a Fast Growth district for rapid student enrollment growth over an extended period of time. Close work with demographers and careful planning by our Permanent Facilities Committee (PFC) has positioned us to be ready for the many families moving within our district. In 2013 our student enrollment topped 5,000. By 2030, we will surpass 12,000. 

    The Master Facilities Plan outlined below is a guide for the anticipated growth. Triggers for new facilities and additions include enrollment figures and financial capabilities. In August of 2020, the district successfully completed the Bond 2018 Program, on time and on budget, which achieved a number of the Master Facility Plan. Bond 2021 was approved by voters in May of 2021 to continue to address growth and meet the goals of the Master Facilities Plan as outlined below.

Plans for the Future

  • RCISD Master Facilities Plan for Anticipated Growth

    In July of 2016, Royse City ISD School Board approved with a Comprehensive Master Facilities Plan that addresses anticipated growth and facilities needs in the district for the next 10+ years. The plan is the culmination of a two-year process that involved a committee of parents, staff and community members. Some recommendations in the plan do not have concrete deadlines and will be driven by enrollment growth and financial capabilities. Below are the 5 recommendations as presented in the plan:

    Master Facilities Plan

    • Recommendation 1A
      Restructure grade spans to lessen school-to-school transitions for students. The new structure would be PK-5, 6-8 and 9-12. (Complete August 2020)

    • Recommendation 1B 
      Construct a new middle school in the western portion of the district. This would need to happen at the same time as the grade span reconfiguration. (Complete August 2020)

    • Recommendation 2 
      Add onto Royse City High School to accommodate growth. (Since developing the plan, this recommendation has been met by the recent removal of unused lockers and construction of additional classroom spaces at the high school.) 

    • Recommendation 3 
      Construct a 2nd high school in the western portion of the district. (Long Term Recommendation >10 years)

    • Recommendation 4 
      Add onto Royse City Middle School as needed to keep equity between middle schools. (Complete August 2020)