• Reading Level Information

    Fountas and Pinnell, DRA, and Lexile are systems that level books for reading instruction. Even though they use different labels, the idea is that books get progressively more difficult and include more text features as you progress through the grades. The chart below is meant to help you determine what books might meet the needs of your child no matter the labeling system. We have done our best to correlate 3 popular systems with the Fountas and Pinnell levels RCISD uses.

    This chart also contains information about RCISD reading level goals for each grade level at different times of the year:

    • Beginning of the year (BOY)
    • Middle of the yearr (MOY)
    • End of year (EOY)

    Always knowing your student's current reading level is important. With this information, parents will be able to help us gauge their progress and partner with us in moving their child forward!