Counseling Services

  • Counseling services are provided at every school in our district and professionals are ready to meet students academic and general counseling needs. We work closely with campus teachers and administrators to identify students who may need additional support. 

  • Royse City ISD to Continue Providing Counseling Services Online for Students:

    Counselors will continue to support all students social, emotional, and academic needs by providing virtual counseling services. These services may include guidance lessons, individual and small group counseling sessions, and college and career consultations. In an effort to provide these types of support, counseling supports can be utilized by requesting virtual appointments (these include online, phone calls, or by email) which will be made through a unique link provided by your specific campus school counselor. The requests for appointments will be determined and communicated by your child’s school counselor. Counselors will be setting up their unique consultation links on Monday and communicating those through the campus social sites (Newsletter, campus website, google classroom, email).

    Additionally, if your child is in need of immediate mental service emergency, call 911 or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HELLO to 741-741.

Anxiety & Stress in Children During Covid-19

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