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  • Our mission at RCISD is to promote an optimal level of wellness for each individual, and to advance the educational process while including the integration, coordination and modifications of the health needs of all students. Optimal learning requires good emotional and physical health.  As part of the education team, we have many roles as the school nurse.

    • Provide health care for ill and injured students.
    • Leaders of the emergency response team to assure efficient and expert handling of emergency and crisis medical situations.
    • Conduct health screenings.
    • Monitor student immunization and physical exam status.
    • Medical resource for faculty, parents and students.
    • Provide safe and healthy school environment.
    • Health education.
    • Identification and solution of students’ health and education problems. (Participate in 504 and Strategy meetings) Develop nursing care plans for students with health needs, ad-minister medication as prescribed and perform specialized health care procedures as ordered by the child’s health care provider.


    It is our hope that by improving the health status and health knowledge of students, we have helped to strengthen the education process.