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  • Royse City ISD is pursuing participation in the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA), with data collection beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, and teacher payouts beginning in Spring 2023. Royse City ISD has submitted the Teacher Incentive Allotment application to the Texas Education Agency. If approved, the TIA could lead to pay increases for qualifying teachers.

    The TIA was created to “to help attract and keep effective educators in the classroom, so that the public schools implementing these systems would be able to identify their more effective educators and then provide incentives for them to teach at their most challenged campuses, increasing the equitable distribution of effective educators across the state. In short, the idea is to financially reward teachers that are highly successful in the classroom. House Bill 3 in 2019 was the legislation that brought the TIA into existence statewide. 

How will eligible teachers be evaluated for TIA designations?

  • Royse City ISD will utilize Teacher Evaluations and Student Growth for TIA Designation eligibility. 

    Teacher Evaluations (40%)

    Student Growth (60%)

Teacher Evaluation Chart

Questions About TIA?

Frequently Asked Questions

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