Child Abuse Response Team

  • Several members of the Royse City Police Department, Royse City ISD and Rockwall County District Attorney’s Office (along with law enforcement representatives from around the state) attended a 3-day training for establishing a CART (Child Abduction Response Team) Team for Rockwall County.


    To help keep your children safe, please read and follow the tips below (the tips were taken from the State of Washington Child Abduction Study conducted in 2006):

  • Be aware that children are not immune from abduction because they are close to home.   More than half of the study’s abductions took place within three city blocks of the victim’s home.

    Be certain that your children are supervised – even if they are in their own front yard or neighborhood street.   Approximately one-third of the abductions studied took occurred within one-half block of the victim’s home.

    Teach your children not to ever approach a car– whether the occupant is a stranger or not– no matter what the occupant the tells them or asks them.

    Be aware of strangers and unusual behavior in your neighborhoods.   Many child abductions are witnessed by people who do not realize that a crime is being committed.

    If your child is ever missing, CALL POLICE IMMEDIATELY.   An immediate response to a missing or abducted child may be the difference between life and death.