Flu Prevention

  • The state of Texas has entered into the flu season (flu season generally peaks around January and February)with an increase in the amount of flu cases reported, to include some deaths.  The Department of Public Health for Texas recommends the following:

    1.  Get vaccinated – you may see your health care provider.

    2.  Wash your hands frequently – use an alcohol based sanitizer. 

    3.  Cover your coughs and sneezes – you can spreads germs up to 6 feet away with an uncovered cough or sneeze.  Avoid touching your face, especially the nose and eyes (germs can transfer from your hands to your eyes and nose).

    4.  Stay at home if you are sick!  Remember that if you have the flu, you risk spreading it to others.  School district policy states that a student must be free of fever for 24 hours before returning to school.  Please see how the flu spreads at this website – How Flu Spreads

    5.  Convince those around you to follow the above.

    Please visit the sites below by clicking on them for more information:

    CDC and Prevention – Flu Information 
    This site has information links to more information about the flu to include outbreaks and other information.

    Everyday Preventative