Hall Pass

  • We’d also like to introduce you to a new school visitor identification system designed to help protect your children. The Hall Pass system was purchased and implemented in all of our school buildings 08-26-2013. Hall Pass will track visitors, students, faculty, contractors and volunteers at our schools. The implementation of the Hall Pass system helps provide a safer more monitored environment for students and staff.

    When visiting one of the district’s schools, all visitors will be required to provide a valid state ID, driver’s license, green card or military ID (previous system only accepted state DL). This ID will be quickly scanned and verified against the national sex offender database (which is more extensive than our previous system).  Once the screening is complete and the visitor is cleared, a visitor’s badge complete with their name and picture will be printed. This visitors badge must be worn while on campus and returned to the front office upon leaving.

    With the addition of the Hall Pass visitor identification system to our school visitor procedures, we feel certain this will add another layer of safety to our schools.  School safety and the safety of all students is a priority of the district.  We appreciate your help and cooperation with this new visitor procedure.  During your next visit to a district school, please remember and be prepared to present your picture ID.

    Hall Pass School Visitor Management