Programs Offered

  • Regular Classroom with Accommodations/Modifications
    Instructional and curricular accommodations/modifications recommended by the ARD committee are implemented in the general education classroom.  This enables the student to be involved and progress in the general curriculum to the maximum extent possible.

    Speech Therapy
    Speech and language therapy is available to all students ages three through twenty-one years of age residing in the district.Through appraisal and intervention, the speech-language therapist helps students with communication disorders in the areas of articulation, language, voice and fluency.


  • Resource
    Students may require special education instruction in specified content areas. A special education teacher provides instruction.

    Behavior Adjustment Unit (BAU)
    The Behavior Adjustment class is designed to serve students whose behaviors consistently interfere with their educational performances. This program provides a structured learning environment, social skills curriculum, and regular contact with parents.  The goal of this program is to successfully return the students to their general education classroom.

    Learning In a Functional Environment (LIFE Skills)
    The LIFE Skills program serves students who require a curriculum that emphasizes basic academic skills, social development, functional life skills and pre-vocational and vocational training. Students may also participate in regular education and community based instructions.

    Vocational Adjustment Class (VAC)
    Vocational Adjustment Classes are offered on the high school campus for students who require more support than is available in career and technology education programs. Students receive instruction in skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment. Opportunities are offered for students to receive specific job training and to participate in off-campus employment.

    The hospital/homebound arrangement is extended to special education students unable to attend classes due to medical reasons for a minimum of 4 weeks. Based on the recommendation of the attending physician, the ARD committee may assign a student to the homebound instructional arrangement.  A homebound teacher will serve the student at home or in the hospital.