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  • RCHS Main Numbers:  903-345-4051, 903-326-3146

     Principal - Dr. Sean Walker: 903-329-1466     Shelly Schroeter, Admin Assistant: 903-329-1466


    Associate Principal - Nikki Steele: 903-345-5038     Sharon Newton, Admin Assistant: 903-345-5038

    Lead Counselor - Linda Taylor: 903-345-5038         Sharon Newton, Admin Assistant: 903-345-5038


    Alpha House (A-D) Principal  - Shannon Ainsworth: 903-345-4719         BETA House (E-K) Principal - Brooke McMaster: 903-287-6135

    Alpha House (A-D) Secretary  - Shirley Lancaster: 903-345-4719            BETA House (E-K) Secretary - Tammie Tallie: 903-287-6135

    Alpha House (A-D) Counselor - Tracey Christian: 903-345-4239              BETA House (E-K) Counselor - Kimberly West: 903-329-1639


    GAMMA House (L-Re) Principal - Brian Torres: 903-329-1540                  DELTA House (Rf-Z) Principal - Carlos Soliz: 903-326-9987

    GAMMA House (L-Re) Secretary - Victoria Lupercio: 903-329-1540         DELTA House (Rf-Z) Secretary - Cyndi Phillips: 903-326-9987

    GAMMA House (L-Re) Counselor - Amy Lutes: 903-207-9265                    DELTA House (Rf-Z) Counselor - Kelly Seery: 903-345-4864


    CAMPUS REGISTRAR - Amy Goodrich: 903-287-6204                      TESTING Coordinator - Angeline Bower: 903-326-3824

    PEIMS Coordinator - Debbie Ramirez:  903-329-1558                     504 Coordinator - Jeana Franklin: 903-326-9741

    CAMPUS Bookkeeper - Caroline Allison: 903-326-9608




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Message from the Principal

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    Welcome to Royse City High School! Our school has diverse offerings for students and award winning programs. In 2019, our campus was named a National Showcase School by Capturing Kids' Hearts. While we are known for our innovation and technology integration, the thing that matters most to us is building relationships with students. No amount of academic focus can outweigh the authenticity of a school where kids feel safe and cared for. 

    Principal Dr. Sean Walker

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  •     Alpha House (A-D) ..........903-345-4719

        Beta House (E-K) .............903-287-6135

        Gamma House (L-Re) .....903-329-1540

        Delta House (Rf-Z) .........903-326-9987

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