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RCISD Update on Safety & Security

Royse City ISD Staff & Families,


As we plan and look forward to the 2022-2023 school year, safety within our campuses and buildings is paramount. Many safety plans and procedures will continue to be reinforced. In addition, we are adding personnel and security features to enhance overall safety. Below are some reminders of our ongoing areas of focus as well as added layers of safety moving forward. 


  • RCISD will continue the School Resource Officer Program in partnership with the cities of Royse City and Fate and is budgeting for additional SROs with each municipality.
  • RCISD will continue the School Marshal Program that began in 2019. This program allows RCISD to employ staff who have received School Marshal training that is required by the state. Additional armed security officers are also included in the 2022-23 budget.
  • As a result of the expansion of both the SRO and School Marshal Program, at least one SRO or Armed Security Officer will be present at every campus in RCISD. 
  • SROS, Armed Security Officers, and School Marshals will participate in active shooter training opportunities. A date for this training will be released later this summer.
  • RCISD partnered with True North Consulting Group in the Spring Semester to provide safety assessments, security system reviews, tabletop exercises, training, and more. This work will continue as planned. 
  • RCISD utilizes the Standard Response Protocol with an all-hazards approach to emergencies. The program teaches students and teachers how to properly respond to an emergency situation. 
  • RCISD will continue to conduct unannounced lockdown and fire-safety drills on every campus. Drills are studied for their effectiveness and efficiency.  
  • New! Both the Royse City PD and Fate DPS are developing local programs within their departments to increase the presence of officers both off and on duty. Similar to an Adopt a School program, officers may be seen regularly helping with car duty and volunteering within the schools. Thank you to Chief Kirk Aldridge and Chief Lyle Lombard for these new initiatives. 

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