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Board Approves Teacher Raises

The Royse City ISD School Board unanimously approved an increased compensation plan for all teachers, nurses, counselors and librarians. Employees in these categories who have 5+ years of experience will see a $4,050 raise going into 2019-2020. Those with fewer years will see a near 9% raise as well. Typical annual raises range from 1 to 3% historically.

Additionally, the school board approved a measure increasing the starting teacher salary to $50,000. This is the latest step Royse City ISD has taken to increase teacher pay. Since 2014-2015, the starting teacher salary has increased by $8,000.

 “Our school board is committed to investing back into our staff. This raise is well deserved for our hardworking educators. The school board has proven its dedication to raising teacher pay over the last few years. This is an exciting time in Royse City ISD and I’m proud of this great news,” said Superintendent Kevin Worthy. “The passage of House Bill 3 by the Texas Legislature, combined with our local efforts to compensate staff, have made this significant raise possible. We’re thankful to our local legislators for supporting school finance reform.”

All other staff outside of the four previously listed categories will get a 3% raise from their midpoint pay range. This also marks one of the highest raises in recent history for general staff.