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Education Foundation Awards $81,000 to Royse City ISD

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Education Foundation Awards $81,000 to Royse City ISD 

The Royse City ISD Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that exists to enrich and enhance the education provided in the Royse City ISD Schools. On Thursday, November 7, 2019, directors and donors made surprise visits to campuses to award the 2019 Innovative Teaching Grants for a total of $49,628.80. In addition, the Foundation has awarded $12,000 to Royse City ISD for Bulb Digital Portfolios for students, $7,525.32 for smart boards to support the dyslexia program and $12,000 for additional special grants. 

“Grant Patrol is one of the best days of the school year for the Education Foundation and is only made possible through the generosity of the donors,” said Executive Director Kim Crumrine. “The Foundation’s Board of Directors are the individuals who help raise the funds each year and build relationships in the community that positively impact the 6,600 students served in Royse City ISD.”


The 2019 Innovative Teaching Grants are:

We Like to Move It, Move it!  


Fort Elementary

Lisa O'Neal, Jennifer Murrey


SOAR: Near-Space Flight



Kevin Babcock


Drones: from Eye-level to Sky-level 



Kevin Babcock


Bulldog Factory 



Lisa Davis


QBall for Questioning 



Kathleen Krumnow & English Dept.


Capturing Minds With Book Buddies 


Fort Elementary

Kristi Byrne, Stacy Bookout, Valeri Jayroe, Ashley Drabble, Miriam Martinez & Chelsea Robertson.


Bones, Math, & Basketball 


Scott Elementary

Alison Linnert


Let There Be Light  



Gina Nelson & Sarah Steinbacher


Suspension Training  


Fort Elementary

Melissa Kethley Rager


"LEADing The Way to Mental Wellness"

RCHS Mental Wellness Center 


Leah Voth


Physics (Field) of Dreams 



Alan Stowers, Kevin Babcock, Cynthia McNeal & Robert Sutherland


I'm Hungry for a Book!


Vernon Elementary

Cheri Froehling& Noemi Ramos 





Amber Hutcheson


Entrepreneurs for Life 



Michelle Culp, Jessica Gettys, Chelsea Holcomb& Debi Wood


Rock Climbing Wall


Ruth Cherry Intermediate

Shannon Ellington & Georgette McDaniel




Fort Elementary

Angela Roberts


Uniquely Ukulele 


Ruth Cherry Intermediate

Sharon Steele


The Wondrous Wacky to Wiser Wiggle Walk 


Davis Elementary

Christy McNiel, Audrea Peterson, Crystal Anderson, Ashleigh Nelson, Ron Corcoran, Andres Gabino, Kimberly Palmer & Jennifer Prewett


Let Their Voices Be Heard!


Herndon Intermedaite

Ashlee Poor, Kendra Scurlock, Marla Ours, Karen McGee & Carrie Patrick


All Aboard; Full Steam Ahead! 


Vernon Elementary

Tayla Wallis, Christy Miller, Jana Pope, Kim Faulk, Casey Oyer, Esther Holmberg, Bethani Leija, Julie Bennett &  Kristen Jacobs