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Board Approves 2021-22 Compensation Plan

Royse City ISD Staff,

At the Monday, April 12 School Board Meeting, trustees unanimously approved the 2021-2022 compensation plan for staff that includes an increase in starting and returning teacher salaries. The new starting teacher salary will be $52,700 which is an increase of $1,300 from the current year. Returning teachers and librarians will receive an increase of $1,700 in their contract and all other employees will get a 3% raise in pay from their midpoint pay grade.

For reference, this is a 19% increase in pay for starting teachers as compared to 2017-2018. You can see the Royse City ISD starting teacher salary figures below:

2017-18 $44,450

2018-19 $46,000

2019-20 $50,000

2020-21 $51,400

2021-22 $52,700

“55% of our annual budget is allocated to instructional costs that include teacher salary and benefits. Through strategic planning and sound financial practices, we are proud to see these figures rise for our educators. It continues to be a goal to competitively compensate teachers for the outstanding work that they do,” said Superintendent Kevin Worthy.